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Hi, I'm Victoria, and I'm a professional English tutor having over 20 years' teaching experience. I've been passionate about English since very childhood when I had my first English class. It was love at first sight. I graduated Tver State university with a degree in English and German linguistics. My professional experience is quite diverse and includes running international relations in a big company, translating in different areas, etc. As for teaching, I've been working as a private tutor, as well as in a language school and a university. I'm teaching individual students, big and small groups and I enjoy it immensely.
We're inviting you to join the course for coaches and trackers. The course is aimed to practice communication skills boosting your vocabulary in both general and professional English in a friendly environment.

It'll help you become more confident and fluent in using the language of business, as well. Classes will be conducted on a weekly basis, on Tuesdays at 4 pm.
Short summary examples
For those who weren't able to join us today, here's a brief summary. We were discussing the aims and challenges of learning English. Everyone seemed to agree there's a need to enrich vocabulary to get more fluency. We also exchanged ideas on a perfect self-introduction pattern. Moreover, there was a chance to try self-presentation.
Some basic phrases that could be useful for a short intro:
I'm originally from...(country/ city)
I'm a qualified...( a specialist with a degree)
I deal with..(customers/ issues, etc)

Thanks for taking part in the second introductory session of the course, I was happy to see you! Today we dealt with questions to define the request such as:
What would you like to talk about today?
What specifically do you expect?
What do you expect to walk away with?
How will you know you landed at..?
So..did I get you right that...?

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